Looking for ideas for your next company outing? Consider a riverboat cruise aboard the Pontoon Saloon with your team! Getting outside in the fresh air and away from the office is a great way to refresh team morale and foster team bonding. Located in the heart of downtown, this convenient location with the Nashville skyline backdrop does not disappoint! A cruise down the Cumberland River could be just the ticket to rally your team this quarter.

blue and white pontoon II on the river

Benefits of a Corporate Boat Cruise

A Fun Team Building Experience

Our corporate cruises are great if you’re looking for a unique Nashville team-building activity. We offer you the opportunity to step away from the office and connect with those coworkers you’ve been wanting to get to know outside of the workday. Our pontoon is perfect for any company, allowing internal teams to mix and mingle freely across our large vessel. We’ve created a prime casual, social setting through the layout of our pontoon for you to network and chat comfortably. Whether it be new additions to the team or building a deeper connection with longtime coworkers, this allocated time for team building could be all the difference in productivity to reach those goals!

Pontoon Saloon has hosted many local and national companies who have enjoyed our corporate cruises, including Aramark, ADP, Service Source, Black & Decker, PayScale, and Frazier & Deeter. We’ve received feedback all mentioning the great benefits of a team outing on our cruise. Some have enjoyed it so much that they have returned for another cruise! Many stated it was refreshing to enjoy a team outing outdoors and see Nashville from the water. It was the refresh and recharge they needed personally and as a team.

Here is a review from a local company in September 2021:

Great team-building experience!

“We had a great time on the Pontoon Saloon cruise. The lights of the city are lovely and provided a great opportunity for group photos. This was a team building / corporate event and everyone really enjoyed it.Our crew – Andrew (captain) and Chris were lots of fun and great to work with. I would recommend this activity as a team bonding experience and a client event. Great fun, great music, and lovely sights to see.”

Get to Know/Impress Your Clients

In need of an outing to connect and impress clients? A corporate riverboat cruise is a perfect fit! By booking your cruise, you’re demonstrating your commitment and value directly to your clients in a fun, easygoing setting that allows you to connect on a personal level. It’s the best of both worlds! Building an initial authentic connection is the basis of a trusting, respectful, and long-standing business relationship. We know from experience that these corporate cruises offer a perfect combination of fun, relationship-building, and relaxation that will be sure to impress any client you bring aboard.

group photo from a corporate pontoon cruise

Increase Team Morale

Sometimes that work-life balance falls out of line and morale starts to dip. This can often result in low performance and low job satisfaction for many employees. Through various team-building events, you can boost that morale and take a much-needed break. It has been proven that these experiences are refreshing and bring a positive outlook back to the workplace, as they restore that sense of value and appreciation for individuals as employees. In turn, they are inclined to be more productive and increasingly enjoy their work. Not only will it increase your own productivity but that of the entire team. Everyone will leave the outing feeling more connected, supported, and valued.

So what are you waiting for? Book your corporate cruise today so you can unwind, relax, recharge, and enjoy those Nashville views from the water!

A Private Cruise With Pontoon Saloon

What to Expect

Our private cruises are a great option for corporate outings because they are completely customizable to what your team wants and needs. Need a weekday time slot? You got it. Lunch catered? We’ll take care of it! Don’t have time to grab alcohol? We’ve got you covered.

Your private cruise will include 2 full hours of cruising down the Cumberland River aboard our private pontoon. This turf-lined vessel is an upscale, luxury version of our tried and true public pontoon. It has a ¾ covered awning for shade and conveniently-placed lounge-style seating, a catering table, and bar top tables with stools, making it a comfortable space to relax, converse, and enjoy the views! A bar in the back will be stocked with ice, cups, and mixers for your cruise and several coolers will line the pontoon to keep all your canned beverages ice cold. You will be accompanied by our USCG Captain and Cruise Director/Deckhand who will take care of your every need throughout the entire cruise—from setup to packing up at the dock. Our deckhand serves as the DJ, party host, bartender, cameraperson… you name it. Whether you want a more professional setting or a team celebration to let loose, they will help set the tone of your cruise.

triptych of catering spreads

In addition to the basics, you have the option to customize your cruise with add-ons. We offer shuttle services to and from our docks, catering from local hot spots like Hattie B’s and Martin’s BBQ, as well as charcuterie boards and alcohol packages. You also have the option for an extended cruise on weekdays, Monday–Wednesday. Our Cruise Coordinator will organize all logistics for your event. This allows you to make your time on the water as convenient and enjoyable as possible, so your team can get the most out of their team outing! 

Want a preview? Get a glimpse of all the amenities provided on our private vessel that provides a capacity of up to 45 people!

music city beer bottle next to a pontoon saloon koozie

Booking Your Corporate Cruise

We highly recommend booking your corporate cruise well in advance, especially during warmer months, to ensure you secure a reservation that works for your team’s itinerary. We offer weekday and weekend options that run in the morning, daytime, and evening. We can even accommodate some requests for a specific time slot or an extra hour on weekday cruises! Our cruises can accommodate up to 45 guests with plenty of breathing room to move around and mingle. 

Pricing varies by number of guests:

  • 25 or fewer guests: $1,600 + Tax/Gratuity 
  • 26–45 guests: $2,100 + Tax/Gratuity

In order to book your private cruise, you can request a quote directly via email by contacting us at info@pontoonsaloontn.com, or by phone at (615) 601-1464.

Ask about our all-inclusive corporate packages! They include live music from local artists, shuttle service, and beer/seltzers iced down ready to entertain.

We want this to be an easy, convenient process for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or changes to your cruise. We’re happy to help!

small group cruise with skyline behind

Join Us on the Water!

The Pontoon Saloon is a terrific setting for a team-building experience because it provides the space for a unique, customizable, and private event. With the unmatched views and service, you can focus on enjoying yourself and building connections with coworkers and clients. Through our partnerships and incredible team, we are able to provide a complete and unique Nashville experience from start to finish. We can bet cruising down the Cumberland will give your team the breath of fresh air (literally!) that it needs and have you crushing your team goals.