The business landscape has forever changed, COVID-19 has impact all part of life but has significantly altered the corporate world. The work space, business travel, and all business with a work from home strategy is new to everyone. With human interaction at the core of the workplace environment, how do companies replace this in a fully virtually working environment?

We’ve put together a list of things to do in Downtown Nashville for your work outing, business outing, and team building event — all from the deck of a private pontoon rental with the Pontoon Saloon.

Our list of things to do includes with your team in Downtown Nashville includes: 

  1. Sales team outing, catering from Hattie B’s and a cooler full of beer for the sales team that crushed their quota.
  2. A leadership team outing to discuss and engage in person on business strategy for the new fiscal year.
  3. Business outing across teams for collaboration and introductions.
  4. On-boarding of a large new team to ensure personable introduction to leadership and business colleagues.
  5. Team building event.
  6. Team training event to finalize a full week of training.
  7. Executive roundtable sessions.
  8. Human resources team outing.
  9. Sales leadership team outing or strategy session.
  10. Company celebrations — from milestones to holiday celebrations!

We believe our pontoon gives local Nashville companies a safe, outdoor-location to meet with your team or small business . We can host your team outing, team building event, business meeting, client meeting or just time away from those zoom meetings and face to face time.

Our new pontoon has the perfect layout for you and the whole crew up to 49 passengers. Lounge seating, bar, turf floor for a relaxing environment and optional catering options with local favorites like Hattie B’s. We have implemented safety measures to ensure each Pontoon is thoroughly cleaned.

coworkers talking while at a work event on pontoon saloonIf your team is traveling into Nashville from out of town, be sure to check out this Nashville Travel Guide from KAYAK for flight, hotel, car rentals, and popular attractions.