The Pontoon Saloon’s favorite Nashville beer!

A cold beer and a cruise on the water really do go hand and hand. That’s why it was no surprise to us that people enjoy the BYOB aspect of our river cruise.  We have guests from all across the country come on board, bringing on their brew of choice to enjoy downtown Nashville from the Pontoon Saloon. Beer definitely fits in with our culture, which has been perfect timing with the growing brewery industry here in Nashville.

People love to try local beers or any bold flavors that they haven’t seen in their own city. Guest reach out to us all all the time looking for recommendations on local beers to bring on board for the cruise. We love that! We are a small business and like to support our local community. The creativity in our beer scene continues to grow, giving us some awesome options with flavor and style.  One go to that we recommend to our customers is Music City Light. They have a great everyday light beer that is perfect for an afternoon on the river.  Jackalope Brewery has a solid lineup of beers with some bold seasonal flavors.  The Lovebird Hefe from Jackalope is always a winner with the ladies. Next up, we recommend Tennessee Brew Works for some high quality beer that will have you coming back for more. And we never forget Southern Grist in east Nashville. These guys are always coming up with innovative flavors we guarantee you’ve never tried.  Pineapple Upside Down Cake IPA? Yes, that’s one of them. We send our customers their way to pick up a growler for their cruise.

Even if they don’t grab their beer for the pontoon cruise, we encourage all of our guests to check out the taprooms as well. Each one complements their unique beers. We know craft beer isn’t always for everyone, but we promise you will find  one you like in these breweries that are a huge part of the Nashville scene.