Traveling can be expensive when visiting a new city. While you want to eat, drink, and see everything, it’s hard to do so in a way that is cost-effective. Nashville is a top destination to visit in the U.S., but if you’re not careful, it can get expensive quickly! However, with a little research and planning, you can see Nashville on a budget. We took it upon ourselves to map out how to experience our dynamic city without breaking the bank. Here are some cheap things to do in Nashville!

Getting to Nashville

Budget travel to Nashville is possible, especially if you’re flexible! Nashville is pretty centrally located, so if you’re lucky enough to be in driving distance, that’ll save you money at the start. But if you need to fly, we’ve got some recommendations to help. Between knowing when to visit, making cost-effective decisions for transportation, and scoping out any deals, there are plenty of tips and tricks.

Book in Advance

If you’re traveling from states farther away, looking into travel early might be the best bet. Booking in advance is an excellent way to ensure you’re saving some cash. Inexpensive flights can be found on third-party booking sites like Skyskanner and Hopper. You can set price alerts on these sites to notify you of any price decreases. Southwest is a recommended airline option, as they offer discounted fares often.

Visit During the Offseason

The offseason in Nashville is typically through the winter months. November to March is going to be the best time to book airfare and lodging at a discounted rate. November, December, and March are great times to visit Nashville compared to the summer months. You’ll need a sweater, but there are fewer people and you can find some great deals to help you stick to a budget. Another great way to ensure savings is to book your trip during the week! Cheap airline tickets during the week paired with accommodations on less busy days make for an inexpensive stay.

neon lights on broadway in nashville

Transportation in Nashville


No need to rent a car in Music City—there are excess Ubers everywhere! With the airport close to downtown and all neighborhoods close by, Ubering is a great option for smaller groups. All the areas you want to visit will typically be no further than 10 minutes from each other. Nashville has a lot going on but everything is very centrally located. Depending on group size, Ubers can accommodate larger groups with their UberX option. For groups 12+ there are many affordable shuttle options that will keep your group traveling together. We recommend checking out The Nashville Shuttle for a great budget travel option for larger groups.


Nashville is a very walkable city. If you’re staying near downtown, you can easily walk to neighborhoods like the Gulch, Germantown, and Capital View. With so many hotels located in these walkable areas, you really don’t have to get in a car the whole visit. Once you get to certain areas like 12 South, it’s best to experience them on foot. Checking out Nashville on a budget is easy with how walkable the city truly is!

Electric Scooters

Just like Ubers, electric scooters are scattered throughout Downtown Nashville. These are best for a quick point-to-point ride. By downloading the scooter’s app, you can have access to a quick and easy ride in a matter of minutes. We definitely recommend reviewing the safety protocol if you choose this option. Just put in your card information and follow the easy steps. 

shadows of a row of scooters

Affordable Lodging & Accommodations in Nashville

Once you’ve found your flights or made the decision to drive, it’s time to book your stay! From cheap hotels to Airbnbs scattered throughout the city, there are plenty of places to stay in Nashville without breaking the bank. 


Airbnbs are very popular in Nashville, and you will find bookable apartments, lofts, and homes in every neighborhood. Whether you are a couple or a larger group, you can find an Airbnb that fits your group size. Save money on meals by doing a little grocery shopping to have breakfast, snacks, and drinks at your apartment or house. This is a great option no matter your group size if you want to do Nashville on a Budget.

Book a Hotel Downtown to Save on Transportation

Staying downtown off Broadway or in the Gulch may not be the cheapest option, but it will save you time and money on transportation costs. If your group is planning on exploring downtown, you might as well stay close to the action. This will help cut costs on Ubering, as you’re already central to many sites and activities! During the offseason and on weekdays, you can find great deals to stay at hotels within a budget. 

sunset behind downtown nashville

Inexpensive Food & Drink Options in Nashville

If you’re coming to Nashville to try the food, we get it! Nashville’s food scene is top-tier, and trying new foods should be top of your list if it isn’t already. There are plenty of inexpensive dining options in Nashville, such as food trucks, street vendors, and casual eateries. Here are some places we suggest you check out!

Happy Hour

Happy hour specials are a great way to visit bars and restaurants while saving money. There are plenty of places around Nashville that offer budget-friendly menu items during a specific time of day. Nashville Guru has a full happy hour list that is a great tool for finding the best prices on food and drinks! You can find a happy hour in almost every bar and restaurant. Some of our favorites are Butchertown Hall, Blue Sushi & Sake, and Saint Anejo.


Many local breweries and larger bars offer a bring-your-own food option. Places like Monday Night Brewing and Pins Mechanical have large indoor and outdoor spaces for you to bring a pizza or any kind of take-out to enjoy while having a beer. We know Nashville is not New York, but we do have some great pizza places. You should try Five Points Pizza, as they can deliver right to the brewery!

Food Trucks

A perk of visiting a larger city is the fantastic food options. If you’re trying to experience Nashville on a budget, food trucks are a great option! Street Food Finder is an intuitive website for finding food trucks near you. Nashville locals know the food trucks have some of the best burgers, Mexican, and Asian food, so we definitely recommend checking them out for cheap eats. You can find Daddy’s Dogs stands around downtown for a great hotdog if you need a quick dinner or late-night snack. You can find many budget-friendly food trucks parked outside of breweries, bars, and parks throughout Nashville. 

Budget-Friendly Activities & Attractions in Nashville

When looking for cheap things to do in Nashville, we recommend checking out some of these great local options. You can find some great deals on tours, and there are plenty of free outdoor activities in Nashville. Another way to save is to cut costs on drinks and nightlife while visiting Nashville. Deals can be found all around town if you know where to look.

Honky Tonks & Dive Bars

A great thing about Nashville is that most bars downtown don’t require a cover! You’re able to enjoy restaurants and bars without the hassle of an extra charge. If live music is your thing, you can check out all of the Honky Tonks that host great talent without a cover. The alcohol in these establishments might not keep you within budget if you stay all day. You will find several bars with happy hours during the week with great bands. We recommend Acme Feed & Seed, Robert’s Western World, and Tin Roof.

BYOB River Cruise

A Booze Cruise is always a huge hit when you want to see the city and experience a fun activity. It’s hard to beat the unique guided party experience only available aboard the Pontoon Saloon. Public cruises are BYOB, available at various times, and will typically host about 40 people per cruise. This is a great option for seeing the city but keeping your drink costs low with the BYOB setup.

group river cruise on the pontoon saloon
group of 6 friends on a sunny river cruise

Farmers’ Markets

The only thing better than a cheap outing is a free one! Nashville has many farmers’ markets scattered throughout the city. Germantown is home to the year-round Nashville market with a full food court and outdoor seating area for nicer days. You can find great budget eats at the farmer’s market as well as more food truck options. Different neighborhoods also host farmers’ markets depending on the day and if it’s in season.

Nashville Sounds Game

Another cheap thing to do in Nashville is attend a Nashville Sounds baseball game. $10 general admission tickets are sold the day of at the ticket counter. The stadium is located in the Germantown neighborhood with lots of other restaurants, shops, and activities to explore before heading to the game. Enjoy outfield tickets on a nice summer day in Nashville! The concession stands typically have inexpensive food and drink options as well.

Book Your Trip to Nashville Now!

We know traveling can get expensive, but hopefully, with these budget-friendly tips, you can really enjoy Nashville on a budget. From free activities in town to happy hours at bars with no covers, Nashville is a great place to vacation anytime of year and on any budget.